Magnolia Villas
Waterloo, IA

Magnolia Villas Plot Map


One opportunity within Magnolia Villas is to purchase a spec or model home. Save yourself the stress of making all the new home build decisions, and let Steege Construction’s experienced designers do the work. Purchase of home can take place at any part of the build, meaning you have as much or as little part in the build as you wish.


Steege Construction will take you step by step to build the home of your dreams in Magnolia Villas. With custom finishings for each unit, no two units have to be the same. Plan customization, product selections, and the building experience is specialized for each client. Located right off 4th Street in Waterloo, access to area restaurants, healthcare services, among others is right out your back door. This development is great for someone looking to downsize, and enjoy a nice peaceful neighborhood.